About Us

About Ability North London

I started Ability North London 16 years ago due to the lack of activities for our special needs children. They had nothing to do on weekdays after school ended, not to mention the boredom each Sunday and Bank Holiday. As a parent myself,I acutely felt the unnecessary suffering of the family due to the absence of provisions.

Our special needs children were forever irritable and unmanagable due to the constant monotony and minimal stimulation. When they did have school it was only until 4:00pm. The long evening beyond that became a real difficulty for myself and the other children.

I decided to put a stop to it. Ability North London was born and graciously changed all that. The boys are now whisked out for the day every Sunday, all day, until 6:30pm. They have long day trips or swimming as well as other activi- tes. Bank Holidays and all other days when there is no school are now taken care of too. They have a programme every single day of the year! 

After a while, after-school club was introduced. The boys have club every week- day from 4:00 – 7:30pm. They don’t even come home first so Mum has a long day and can be with siblings, help with homework, eat supper and relax. Only then does our son and brother come home. By then, we are so much more wel-coming and patient and we even enjoy our short time together!

What We Provide

We provide Melave Malkas in the winter and Shalosh seudos’s in the Summer. Ability North London takes care of all Jewish disabled young men in London. No one is ever refused. We have boys from accross the spectrum, from Rabbinical to Modern Orthodox. We give everyone the opportunity to be a part and they all love each other!

We also provide assitance to parents, helping them access the financial pack- ages available to them from Social Services.

Our Long-Term Goals

As a long-term goal and investment, we would love to open our very own Day Centre in a Toradig atmosphere. This will not only provide an ideal, customised setting where our activites would take place, but it would also relieve us from the ongoing rental costs as well as provide some long term financial invest- ment as an asset to Ability North London. We are looking for donors to help sponsor accomodation.

Our Expenses

Parents contribute financially, according to their means. Parents who can’t pay in full are never denied services for their children. We accept them as any other and bear the financial burden. Parental contribution does not fully cover expenses. Providing the highest level of care is very expensive. There are many on-going expenses such as management, rent, insurance, fuel and outings which are not covered by the parents.


What People are Saying

I am really amazed and highly impressed by the excellent work Ability North London are doing!

Richard Desmond, Director

Ability North London deserves all the support. It is a genuine charity whose vital aim is to ensure it delivers only the best!

Bob Dowe, Chairman

Thank you so much for the excellent care you have given my son over the past year. It has given me back my sanity!

Mrs R.M
Parent of a Service User